About Digilib

The Digilib project was begun in 1995 with a grant from the Teaching & Learning Support unit (TEDI) at the University of Queensland. Its initial brief was to:

Make the slide collections held by the staff of the Architecture Program accessible in the first instance to staff and students of the University of Queensland and ultimately throughout the world


To preserve rare, fragile and unique items.

The original database consisted of approximately 1000 slides taken between 1976 and 1989 of Queensland Country Towns. These images included a wide range of domestic, public, mining and agricultural buildings as well as streetscapes and landscapes. The slides were digitized, stored on a hard disc and made available via a dedicated computer in the Architecture and Music Library. In 1996 a further grant allowed the project team to move the move the images to a web-based platform. More information about the initial phase of this project and its outcomes can be found in the paper:

Bauer, Catherine & Follett, Roslyn 'Digitisation of unique collections of architectural and historical images at The University of Queensland Library'. VALA 2002: E-volving Information Future, 11th Biennial Conference and Exhibition, 6-8 February, 2002, Melbourne.

The third phase of the project commenced in 2006 when the slides of Queensland Country Towns were rescanned at a higher resolution and the indexing was checked and redone. These images were then uploaded to the University of Queensland's digital repository, UQ eSpace. A new collection comprising 700 slides of Queensland Contemporary Architects was added during 2007.

In 2008 a website was created with a customized search interface. It is envisaged that the Digilib database will concentrate primarily on images from Queensland, the rest of the Australia and the region, but images from elsewhere will also be added as appropriate.